Caring For Costume Jewelry And Accessories

Expensive precious jewelry can often be too costly for women that prefer to accessorize their entire outfits. Many women have therefore turned to costume jewelry, which is a less expensive and just as fashionable option. The extra space in their pocketbooks opens the door for them to own a range of jewelry and accessories, such as necklaces, handbags, scarves, earrings, bangles and bracelets rather than one expensive piece.Caring For Costume JewelryAlthough costume jewelry is just as fashionable it is often made of inexpensive material that may not tolerate rough use. Therefore, in order to maintain you’re fashionable inexpensive accessories one should apply extra care to maintain its quality. Here are a few basic care tips to lengthen the life of your costume jewels.* Always keep costume jewelry in a soft linen bag.
* Clean the jewelry at regular intervals. You can clean items, such as a layered necklace using a soft baby toothbrush.
* Use a soft cotton swab to wipe away the dirt and grime. There is no need to rub it, simply wipe your jewelry item.
* Always use a mild soap to clean jewelry. Accessories like cocktail rings, bangles and bracelets are often made from plastic, semi-precious or inexpensive metals. Using harsh soaps might lead to discoloration.
* Using glass cleaner is a good idea. Spray the cleaner on the jewelry and wipe using a soft cloth. To get into crevices, you can use toothpicks or brushes.
* Always allow the jewelry to dry out completely before packing it away. Allowing even a small amount of moisture to stay will ruin your collection.
* Once the trinkets are thoroughly dry, use a soft polishing cloth to polish them. This will bring shine to your item.Swarovski Jewelry is a world famous crystal that is used in many costume jewelry pieces. These require the same care and effort as other settings in order to retain their charming look.Handbags And ScarvesHandbags and scarves do not fall under the category of jewelry but have proven to be an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. They can complement the rest of your ensemble. Hence a range of bags and scarves is a must. To maintain them in a good condition, proper care is important.Many of us like to invest in a variety of trendy but cheap handbags. In order to keep them looking as good as your genuine leather counterparts and to insure that they last for years, simply follow these basic caring tips.* Never store handbags and scarves suspended from a hook. It will ruin the bag’s strap and the scarf will end up with an ugly wrinkle.
* Store handbags and purses in dust bags which keep them safe from dust and grime.
* After every use, try to wipe the bag clean of any dust. Some bags can be polished. If yours can be polished, do it once in a while. It will preserve the color.
* Make sure to stuff handbags while storing them to maintain their shape.
* Scarves should be washed with mild soap. Pashmina shawls require extra care. Wash these with a mild baby shampoo and use a conditioner to bring back the softness.
* Try to avoid machine drying the scarves. This will prolong the life of the material and keep it looking new for longer.Costume jewelry and accessories are a woman’s best friends. It is important to maintain them in a good condition at all times because they help a woman enhance her looks and add extra appeal to a woman’s style of dress.